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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chihuahuas Do the Darnedest Things

After having an awesome dinner out of ribs,  we brought home a few bones for the dogs.  I gave one each to Susu and Ginger in their crates.  None for the puppies of course.

However, the next morning they were given little 'puppy sized' pieces by Ginger!  So I decided to let them have them under supervision since their doggie Mama thought it would be okay for them.

Of course, there were only 2.. and there are 3 puppies...

 "Hey Fen!  Where'd you get the bone?!"

 "What?!  Cinna has one too??!"

 "Mommy gave them to us."  :-)

"But I want one!"

 "Oh Come on Guys!!  Lemme have one!  Pleeeeeeeze!!"

"MOOOMMEEEEEEE!! Fen and Cinna wont share!!"


"You think we should tell him there's another one over there?  .. Nah.. "

 Of course his human "Mom"  
saved the day!

Can dogs eat beef rib bones?

Yes, Flat BEEF Rib bones are fine for dogs. Preferably uncooked, as the cooking process weakens the bones and can cause it to splinter easier.

If you look at ANY pet store, they sell COOKED "Flat" rib bones for dogs. of course, again you have to take the dogs size into hand.

If you have a large breed dog, I personally would not recommend giving him Smaller "Baby Back" Rib Bones, but if it is a medium or smaller dog it should be fine.

As with any Bone though, there is a potential for splintering or sharding, and that can cause problems if not attended to quickly by a Veterinarian. 
Read more:

Please Research the issue and make an informed decision for your dogs.

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