Chihuahuas are wonderfully spirited little dogs full of love and energy! Anyone who knows them can tell you how lively their personalities are. I have 5 chihuahuas, 3 of which are puppies. Susu, Ginger, Cori, Fen, & Cinna. I'll be sharing my thoughts here on everything from health issues, to food, to fashion and fun for the small dog.

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-- Michelle K.

While the main dog here is the Chihuahua, I believe the information here is valuable and entertaining to any small dog owner.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Fen the Chewer..

Have I mentioned lately that I now have THREE teething puppies in the house??!  

And yes, we are very afraid....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Mischief: The Little Princess

Little Cinna has always been a little spitfire of a Chi.  She was the first to growl even before she took her first steps.  And any boy who gets an idea of chewing on her skirt is gonna get it!

However she is such a beautiful little girl and well she's a girl so I think she should be my little princess girl.

We seem to be having some difficulty with the basic princess rules though..  She seems to find new ways to get dirty every day!!  I don't know how she does it or even what is on her head?!  But she stays dirtier than the two boys and they are white!

She has a very smart technique to pop her necklaces off at will and I suspect she is trying to get out of her clothes so she can be a nakedy baby!  Shock 3

Thankfully though (for me anywho) with a few treats and little encouragement she will model for me like a true princess.. and then off again to wrestle with the boys!!

Cinnas Tutu Dress and Tutu Skirt were made by Susan at Blue Ridge Crafter
Cinnas Necklace is handmade by me and available for other Diva Doggies at Frivolous Beaded Fun