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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Chihuahua puppy pics and a Bonus Video!

I just couldn't seem to decide which pictures to post today so you are getting the whole lot!  You're getting 16 cute Chihuahua pictures and a bonus 3 minute video of the puppies toddling around.  Hope you can stand the cuteness of it all.  Have a Happy Wednesday!!!  I'm off to cuddle somebody!

Snow (white), Rose (cream), Cami (tricolor) & Dusty (tan)

I just love how cute they are snuggled up and how sweet that little
 Rose is already  loving on her brother Cami!
Typical puppy pile up!
Cori with Dusty and Snow.
Cinna.. possibly also wondering how we ended up with a tricolor from a red sable and a cream!
Rose getting a good looksie over from Mom, Cori and Cinna.  She may be looking for an escape route!

A quick little nursing session.  Snow is the 'fussybutt' of the litter so Ginger settles him more often .
Dusty and Snow.
Cori is checking out Snow and Dusty again.  Cori has a particular fascination with the puppies and will cry for them to brought out so he can smell and slobber on them!
Cori checking out that adorable puppy face!
Snow and Dusty.
Snow is up and walking..he just needs to learn to aim now!
He also wags his tail when he walks!  He just love to be up and moving.
Ginger making sure everyone is still a happy camper!
Little Cami is making some tracks toward Snow.
Just put one foot in front of the other and you are on your way little boy!

3 minute video of puppies walking and Doggies checking out the puppers! And for those wondering where Susu (Dad) and Fen are.....  Well they weren't too interested in puppies. It was their nap time.  


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  1. I can't stand the cuteness.

  2. OMG! Thanks for the puppy fix! :)

  3. Thanks everyone!! And yes! I can hardly contain myself against the cuteness too! lol They are so sweet and already they have little barks and growls and tail wagging and puppy kisses! Just amazes me how fast they grow at this stage in life!

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