Chihuahuas are wonderfully spirited little dogs full of love and energy! Anyone who knows them can tell you how lively their personalities are. I have 5 chihuahuas, 3 of which are puppies. Susu, Ginger, Cori, Fen, & Cinna. I'll be sharing my thoughts here on everything from health issues, to food, to fashion and fun for the small dog.

I hope you enjoy the blog, leave me a comment and follow along!!

-- Michelle K.

While the main dog here is the Chihuahua, I believe the information here is valuable and entertaining to any small dog owner.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Time for Monday Mischief again!!

Well as you can imagine, with 5 little Chihuahuas in the house sometimes there is a lot of competition for the Monday Mischief post and this week I have 2 very mischievous boys to tell you about!!  

Fen had the Mischief of the week title locked up on Wednesday with a smooth move that just couldn't be beat!  I think I'll just let the pictures tell this story...

Poor Cori!!  Bad timing got him a face full of dirt!!

I think Fen was just too busy digging to notice though.. 

But little Cori just shook it off and went on his merry little way.  

But then of course, Susu decided he wanted to be in the Monday Mischief post too!!  So Thursday I came in from Christmas shopping after work with a child to 5 little cuties and the usual mayhem of dogs bored all day.  

Rounded everyone up and into the yard for some much needed playtime.  And then rounded everyone back in.  Now let me tell you a little something about Chihuahua puppies.. no matter how many times you move puppies there are still puppies in the way.  It's a special trick performed simply by being puppies when there are 3 of them.  

And then I spot this little thief!!

On the desk, hiding behind present bags eating a hushpuppie leftover from Jordan's lunch!!  So of course my natural reaction is to grab the camera!! LOL  

Hope you enjoyed the laughs and the mischief as much as Susu enjoyed that hushpuppie!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Chis have extra FUN!

Merry Christmas everyone!!  We had a great time and It's been awesome having the extra time off to enjoy family and the dogs.  I thought I would pop on and highlight the Chihuahuas Christmas!! LOL  They had a great time!!

They played under the tree when they're not supposed to!

They helped Jordan with her stocking!!

They played with their new toys from Santa... 

And some of Jordans..

They played with their Doggie Mom

And then after breakfast and a good play outside they all got dressed up in their Christmas clothes! 


And then it was apparently Chihuahua nap time because they all fell asleep looking sweet as can be!

And a Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas came early for the Chibabies!

The Chis got their best Christmas present a bit early this year.  A fence.  Yep!  Bill put in a fenced area for them and they just love it!  It has really made our lives so much easier too and now the puppies can play outside and get some much needed exercise and fresh air!

 The little ones were a little timid at first but it didn't take them long to start exploring and having a great time!

Fen took to the great outdoors pretty quickly!

Cinna thought everything needed a good chewing and tasting!

Cori was really hard to get pictures of because he took to running as fast as he could but I did get this one of him having a rest and well doesn't that happy face say it all!

And of course Chihuahua puppies love a little sunbathing too!

They all had a great time and it is awesome to watch them all out playing every afternoon!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Monday Mischief at The Charming Chi!

Now, I know what you're thinking!  How could such an angelic little perfect face be capable of any mischief??  And I agree!  I really really do!  BUT..  My sweet little Cori baby and his needy 'slightly' spoiled self is getting me into trouble!

He loves his Mama and he only wants to be held and loved and be the true little lapdog that he is and these are wonderful ideas and very sweet but at 4:30am????  At midnite????  

I propose a law making it a 
punishable offence if I have to 
deal with puppies or poo 
before my coffee.

So it looks like I have created a spoiled puppy monster!  hahaa.. Yeah..I'm sure no one saw that one coming!!  

So I'm a bit sleepy today and am already daydreaming about going home and snuggling up for a nice nap with my sweet little Cori baby.. 


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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fun Gift Ideas for Chi Lovers!

Just roaming around in my boredom and found some really cute and unusual Chi gifts for Chi lovers!  Now I just need to find those perfectly original gifts for the special Chi in your life....

Chihuahua Toothpick Holder

 The Chihuahua toothpick holder is a whimsical yet functional bit of kitchen d├ęcor. Toothpick holders are a hot collectible right now. The Chihuahua toothpick holder would be an outstanding addition to your collection, or a great place to start. Chef Chihuahua is decked out in his best uniform, ready to stir the pot with his spoon.

Now, doesn't that just make you want to pick your teeth?? 

Georgetown Mini Metal 4 Planter-Pepper the Chihuahua

 Animal lovers will appreciate this adorable Chihuahua-inspired planter. Its spring-loaded tail and head move when touched, further enhancing the cuteness factor. Made from steel with a baked-on paint finish, this whimsical planter is suitable for indoor or outdoor use

I soooo want one of these!  I means what could be more 'Chi' than this thing!  

El Caliente Chihuahua Figurine Salt Pepper Holder 

El Caliente Chihuahua Salt Pepper Holder Figurine
This little Chihuahua figurine has a sign hanging around his neck that reads “YOU WANT SOME OF THIS?” He is sitting between 2 dishes (1 blue, the other a yellowish orange) that hold the salt and pepper shakers.

 This one is really cute but I think he would look happier if they would put some water and kibbies in those bowls!

Chihuahua, tan and white Soldier Nut Cracker Ornament

Looking for a unique way to personalize your Christmas Decorations this year. Check out these wonderful Tan & White Chihuahua Nut Cracker Ornaments. The details are amazing. These ornaments are sure attention getters! The details on the faces of the dogs is phenomenal and the quality of the entire piece makes it stand out as a wonderful addition to any Christmas celebration. Do not miss out on this great product!

This is just an awesome take on a traditional Christmas item!  Such a cute little thing to slip into the Christmas displays!

Chihuahua with Sombrero Ornament

Feliz Navidad! Give a gift from south of the border to the dog lover in your life. This adorable 3¼" tall, resin Chihuahua is dressed in a sombrero and jacket and is ready to spice up Christmas! His adorable face and glitter accents will make this a favorite ornament for years to come.

Well, what can I say!  The Sombrero is just perfect for the little Chi!

And my Personal Favorite!! 

Cartoonize My Pet

I 'cartoonized' Susu and here he is on all kinds of stuff!  LOL  You can even add multiple dogs to items and they have tons of different breeds and even cats!  So go  have some fun!!