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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Mischief: Food before Fashion Please!!

Well this week's winner of the Monday Mischief Award goes to ME!!  lol   We headed off with all the babies for a quick little weekend out of town and umm... I managed to forget to pack any food for the dogs.  But in my defense I was very distracted by choosing their wardrobe for the weekend! So in the end we loaded up and hit the road with a bunch of Chihuahuas, 2 outfits for each of them and not a kibble in sight!  Not to worry though.. they all survived on Chicken, salmon and rice thanks to Dad!

Note to self: Food before Fashion, Mom!! Don't forget the Food!  lol  


  1. Thank goodness Dad came through! LOL!

    1. No doubt!! But did I mention they looked really cute?? lol

  2. Chicken, salmon, and rice sounds better than kibble. Looking good in the tutu!

    1. Hahha! Cinna says thanks for compliment!! And yes, they like their chicken and salmon and they get that regularly too. I just usually free feed and have kibbles out all the time so they were not used to 'meals' only. lol


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