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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fen Goes Missing!!

It was a Tuesday and a pretty uneventful one at that.  The usual.. work, a little laundry, etc  And of course lots of Puppy Playtime!  Even had a new toy for a bit of added fun! 

It was a little after 10:00pm.  Everything was quiet.  My Daughter was already in bed.. Dogs were all sleeping..  and I was ready for some much needed relaxation when all of sudden there were only 2 puppies in the puppy pen instead of 3!!  

At first we just kind of stood there looking perplexed, since obviously there should have been 3 puppies. I silently counted them a couple of more times.  Yep, definitely only 2 puppies in the pen. 

Fen was Missing!!

Of course we started with the most logical explanation and checked our daughters room.. But no, Fen wasnt there either.  And then the panic began to set in..  He's only 12 weeks old... where could he be?!
The search for Fen was on!!  We called.  We searched in, under, and behind everything we could think of.  But still No Fen.  I pulled out treats and toys.. I shook the kibbie bag.. We looked in every room of the house at least 3 times.  We looked outside on the porch.  We looked and we looked. But no Fen.

And then we looked at the washer and dryer that had been steadily running the entire time we searched for our little Chi.  I always do a head count of all the dogs before starting the washer and dryer.  Always.  But Fen wasnt anywhere to be found.  And we had been looking for 30 minutes. 

All three of us stood in the kitchen, no one saying a word as we began to pull things out of the dryer one by one.  No Fen.  

So then we opened the washing machine.  Jordan and I stood there quietly as Bill pulled things out of the washer and there was wave of relief through the kitchen when he announced that Fen wasnt there either.

We went back to our searching for Fen and making plans to look outside 'just in case' when I suddenly spotted a bit of white fur with a lovely cream spot!  And there was Fen!  Fast asleep!

I happily announced that I had found him and everyone came to look!  Fen, of course had no idea what was going on and certainly looked like his cozy nap was being rudely disturbed.

We are all so thankful our Fen is safe.  It was a horrible scare and I just cant imagine if anything were to happen to any of our little ones.  They are all so special to us.


  1. Glad he was found safe and sound! Same thing happened with Lilibell one was time for bed and I called her to come, Chewy answered the call, but no Lilibell. I started calling and calling for her, looking at all the usual places in our apartment that she could be, still no Lilibell. Then I started panicking, although I don't know why, because since the last time I had seen her, no doors to the house had been opened, but still, the panic was there because this was highly unusual. So I decided to go in the kitchen and shake their treat jar and then I heard a whimper from behind the frig...she had squeezed behind there and could not back out!!!!

  2. Geez! I bet that did scare you to death! I know we were just in a panic. I was so relieved when I found him sleeping there I could have just cried.

  3. Phew! I know that feeling as Leo was missing for a few hours, on Christmas Eve, when he was a pup (scared me badly) He was found when he stumbled out of a pile of dirty clothes (dazed and confused, probably due to the calling for his name and just waking up)


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