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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 1 week old Chihuahua Puppies

The puppies were one week old last Thursday night and I took these on Friday morning.. Enjoy.  :-)

Ginger with all 4 pups nursing

Little Angelica Rose is the cream girl in the middle.  Cocoa is the tricolor boy and Dusty is the lovely tan and black in front.  Big boys and small delicate girl

This is snow.. he really just wanted to crawl back to his Mama so this is his only picture for this week.. 

Ginger making sure all of her little Chihuahua puppies are ok with my picture taking!

This picture is very special to me and I've decided to keep these two little darlings.  Yes, Cocoa and Angelica Rose are staying with me.  

Just a note on the size difference in the puppies so no one will worry.. Ginger is a cobbly build chi and is about 8 lbs while the father, Susu is a fine boned chi weighing in at 4.5 lbs.   The 3 boys in this litter are cobble chis like their mother and the girl is a fine boned chi like her father.  They are all healthy and gaining weight right on schedule.  They simply have different bone/body structures and that is whey Rose is so much smaller than the boys.


  1. :-) They are very adorable fat little babies.. lol

  2. Oh look how cute!! You mean at one point I looked like that. LOLOL Sending lots of love to my chi friends. ~Luna, The Cutest Pup from Weinerful Gang~

  3. Beautiful pups. The black and tan one I like very much. I'm getting my first Chi girl in 3 mths. She was born 3 days ago. I can't wait to get her home. I have a lhasa and shiddie girls, waiting to mother her. Not counting our lovely cat, who thinks she's a dog.

    Loved looking at the photos of Ginger and her babies. Goodluck from an avid dog lover from Scotland. xx


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