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Friday, February 17, 2012

Seven to a bed..? Yep!

Well Bedtime is a little more hectic now that all the little ones are officially sleeping with us.  Susu and Ginger have slept in the bed with us for years and the puppies started about 3 days ago.  I originally was just taking Cori but then the others were jealous and since they are very spoiled little doggies they got to get in bed too.

So far it is working out well.  They are nice and warm and snuggly.  Of course Cori prefers to sleep on Dads head.. hahaha.  And there is some growling and grumbling while everyone works out their little sleeping places.  And of course we get trampled during their 'Yay! We get to sleep with Mom and Dad' excitement time.  But all in all it's nice having them all with us at night now.  :-)


  1. Oh my!! I bet that is a fun before everyone falls asleep!!! You will take a picture of that one night!!


  2. That's funny. I wonder how long this ritual takes place? Hopefully, not til morning.

    By the way, I hope you read my comment about being tagged. We can't wait to hear more about you guys.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. That is so awesome that you all pile on the bed to go to sleep!! I have a family of four humans, 4 dogs (including me) and 3 cats. Now, imagine movie night, when all four humans pile on the 'big bed'...then its me, my cousin Peanut (Pomeranian), my uncle Happydog (dachshund) and at least one of the cats. We LOVE it!!!
    Oh, I am following your blog now, will you follow mine? I'd love to add you to my 'Pixel Furriends' blog roll too. I will do that tonight. You are such a fun group and blog!!!
    love Pixel


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