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While the main dog here is the Chihuahua, I believe the information here is valuable and entertaining to any small dog owner.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Beading Buddy Fail..

I was working on a necklace for a friend this weekend and Cori wanted to snuggle on my lap.  Sounds good to me because who wouldn't want a snuggly warm puppy on their lap, right?

I scoop him up and plop him in my lap and tell him there are two rules for being Moms beading buddy.  Dont eat the beads and don't eat the string.

Well it took all of about 20 seconds before goofy-butt is spitting a little mouthful of teeny tiny beads out all over my lap!  hahahaa  Thankfully he just spit them back out since they are actually glass.  But talk about not following instructions and its not like they smell like chicken or anything!!  Geez!!!

Of course he is currently licking the laptop so who knows with this boy!

Anywho... keeps your eyes peeled for some updated pictures and a 'Fashion Show' in the coming days!!  That's right!  The chibabies got some awesome new clothes made my Susan over at  and I cant wait to show them off!!  :-)


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