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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Pee Pad is NOT a Toy!

Okay.. Repeat after me.. The Pee Pad is NOT a Toy!

This is a daily mantra at my house these days with 3 puppies.  They run around with it and snatch it away.  We come home to find it has been pulled into the crate or my personal favorite.. upside down in a pile in the middle of puppy playland with pee all over the wrong side.

And I could understand this if there was a shortage of toys but the fact is there are lots of toys and the toys are rotated around 2 or 3 times a day so there are always new toys.  But a favorite 'toy' consistently is the Pee Pad which apparently is just all around fun to play with.

And of course.. we have the pictures to prove it..

Notice here that the boys are looking for the Pee Pad.. presumably to pee but more likely they are just disappointed that Cinna got it first.

And now lets take a close look at that face..

Speaks volumes doesn't it.. hahhaa   And then of course, it's playtime!!

But in the end you just have to smile and enjoy their puppyhood!  Because just look at these little faces!  

Nothing in the world could be more fun than puppies!  Even little rascally ones that chew on their Pee Pads!

** Thanks to my sweetie Bill who took the pictures to show me!  


  1. I love you blog so much that I am adding you to my blog roll! I think we would get along great if we knew each other in real life! I love your views on safety and doggie fun. Thank you for following me!

  2. Haha! Thanks Calla! I bet we would get along great! We could get the little ones together for playdates! I've added you to my blogroll now that I found it!

  3. So cute! Mom remembers my puppy years and shudders! I was one wild wombat!

  4. Thats Awesome! I tried to train Jaxson on the pads but he always (hands down!) would pee "next" to it, never "on" it. Luckily he never dragged it around the house. My other boy, Leo, would just stare at it and growl if it moved ever so slightly. (as it was near a vent)

  5. Haha.. I bet Leo growling at the pee pad was hilarious fun! Dogs are so crazy! Mine do well with using the pee pad but I started them on it at 3 weeks. Raising your own pups from the start does have its benefits. :-)

  6. I love your blog, and will be a new regular! I too have 4 chihuahuas and 4 2week old puppies all girls which knowing me I'll keep one most likely the one being hand fed. But everything I've read is my house to a T.... I love the puppy area you have, would you mind sharing how you made it or where you bought it ? I spent alot of money on one that they were able to get out of....imagine that.
    Again i love everything about your page! Thank you for sharing!


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