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Monday, November 14, 2011

Mindfulness in Dog Care

I think everyone agrees that dogs are very intuitive and emotional creatures. They know when their humans are sick, sad, happy, stressed, etc. There are dogs that can detect low blood sugar in diabetics and sense oncoming seizures in epileptic patients. Studies show that dogs can even detect cancer as well.

Dogs are amazing animals that have spend thousands of years living by our side and they have learned a few things about us too. Probably more than we know about them. They detect subtle scent changes in us as our hormones and body chemistry changes and everything you do changes these chemicals whether it's a calming release of serotonin or a quick surge of adrenaline. The reality is your dog does have a sixth sense about us.

But how often do people look at that in terms of their dogs care and daily routine? Do you take time out just to appreciate your dog and be fully engaged with them each day? Or are you 'multi tasking' all the time?

If you are always 'multi tasking' then your dog is never getting you fully and I believe they know this instinctively. We all have times when we toss a ball while watching tv or working around the house. I always have a dog in my lap when on the computer.. usually Susu. However its important to give each dog one on one 'mindful' time too.

I find that my dogs are calmer and more satisfied - less pestering if I take the time to just fully engage with them. Then they get what they need and move on rather than continuing to bring me the ball hour after hour in mindless tossing and fetching.

I also find it really benefits me and my relationship with my dogs. I just pet them in a more mindful state. I like to just close my eyes and think about my dog.. what is special about them.. how much I love them.. appreciate the silky feel of their fur.. listen to them breathe.. and sigh.. I do this with each of mine daily for at least a few minutes each time I hold them and I do believe they understand those feelings of love and appreciation. Often even my high energy Ginger will close her eyes and rest her chin on my chest during this time.

I also do this when my dogs are stressed to calm them. I will get close to them and think about how safe they are and how much I love them and how I am protective of them. This really does a lot for my boy who is the nervous type.

I just feel that if our beloved dogs know when we are sad, sick, happy, etc they must just as easily know if we are distracted, tired, annoyed or loving, appreciating, and enjoying them for what and who they are. And I dont know if a dog could be a mind reader but they do know our emotions and I believe that dogs do understand and respond to their owners energy. And using that mindset, I like to 'send' energy to my dogs as needed. Maybe its calming, or reassuring, or just plain love. I spend a lot of time expecting my dogs to respond to my language so maybe this is a way to talk to them in their language. Body language and energy. Quirky yes, but a very enjoyable close time for me and my dogs.

Dogs are special. Take a few quiet minutes and just project that energy out to them of how loved and special they truly are to you. I for one really believe thats the language they understand from us the most.


  1. Well said. I saw some documentary online called 'decoding dogs,' and it was talking about dog research and how they can read our emotions better than other animals. it was pretty interesting, but i felt like i already knew all that from having dogs. =0) nice to have some real research behind it, though.

    it's true about giving them one on one time, too. it always makes me sad when people don't really play with their dogs, or just leave them outside.

    my boys are both a bit nervous, too, but they love belly rubs and that calms them down.

  2. I'll have to take a look for that documentary! Sounds interesting! I think too mnay people look at their dogs like furniture instead of little individuals. Sometimes I think more dog owners should have gotten a hamster instead.. LOL

  3. Yeah, my cousin saw it on tv and i googled it, some free documentary online site had it in 3 parts.


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